Saturday, September 12, 2009

{design} nerd alert - washi tape

I know I am really treading on nerd territory now. I came across this site selling nothing but masking tape in different colors / patterns and I got so excited. Okay, let's be's not masking tape, it's Japanese rice paper (washi) tape. Great thing about these (besides the loads of choices) is that they are eco-friendly! I'm going to order a few colors and use them for packaging orders for shipping. I think these would also be great for gift wrapping. I've always loved the look of plain kraft wrapping paper with a pop of color from ribbon or...washi tape!

Image: The Tinted Mint

Holiday Photo Cards!

Well, it's only early September and we in the stationery biz are already in full holiday mode. I have some really great holiday designs available through Photo Affections. Check 'em out!