Friday, February 22, 2008

orange crush!

Inspiration . . . I have been seeing a lot of orange recently - and I love it! A bright orange like our Poppy Colorscope goes so well with just about any theme. It can be rustic if paired with Chocolate. Or it can be fun and whimsical when paired with Chartreuse or Blossom. If you really want to be chic, put it with crisp white or industrial grey. Check out these orange Dahlias too! I LOVE Dahlias (hey, it's my daughter's middle name). Hmmm, I feel a Poppy orange invitation brewing . . . stay tuned.

These drink stirers caught my eye for their pop of bright orange color and sleek modern style. Also, LOVE this J.Crew Mirabelle dress in this "Orange Peel" color. Why didn't they make bridesmaids and wedding dresses when I got married!!!


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